Waste Treatment Services

Environmental Remedies knows waste treatment. Our 3.2 million-gallon capacity, non-hazardous waste treatment facility is the largest in the southeastern United States, processing 30 million gallons of waste each year.

We offer a complete range of treatment options for your non-hazardous waste, including advanced chemical and biological treatment. Our fully equipped laboratory ensures complete compliance with regulations. We run comprehensive pre-qualification testing of each waste stream for compatibility with our treatment systems. We track each waste stream to maintain the government’s discharge standards for our effluent.

Moreover, we are committed to sustainable practices to protect the environment, reduce landfill usage, and avoid wasted water. We recycle more than 95% of the materials we receive; and more than 28 million gallons of water we recycle each year meet all pertinent governmental criteria.

We treat non-hazardous waste such as:

  • Waste contaminated with metals, oils, latex, soap, paint, petroleum, glue, and food
  • Manufacturing process waste
  • Site remediation waste
  • Landfill leachate
  • Stormwater
  • Grease trap waste

At Environmental Remedies, we deliver the expertise, efficiency, and capability of a large company, but we also retain a regional focus that enables us to have a personalized, distinct relationship with each customer. Our unique combination of experience, competence, and customer service has led to superior customer satisfaction ratings for more than 20 years.

Whatever your waste treatment and management needs are, Environmental Remedies can help you. Contact us today because All Solutions Lead to Clean.