Industrial Air Mover Work (Dry/Wet)

Our Guzzler CL Air Mover trucks have increased our range of industrial cleaning work from liquids, sludge, and semi-solids to dry and dusty materials like ash, chalk, lint dust, rocks, and gravel. With a suction/vacuum power of 5,250 cfm at 27” Hg, the Guzzler’s powerful performance extends to locations more than 1000 feet away from the truck. Challenging areas, whether remote, confined, or both, are not a problem since the Guzzler provides 100 percent accessibility.

In addition to vigorous and impressive action, the Guzzler CL is efficient and environmentally sensible. Its filtration system is state of the art, offering cleaner on-site operations. The Guzzler’s large capacity of 18 cubic yards enables our technicians to remove more material in less time, requiring fewer trips to transport the waste to our treatment facility.