Are Your Employees Adequately Trained to Operate Your Equipment?

Whatever your line of business, with today’s advanced technology, new equipment models provide accuracy, speed, and multi-tasking performance with 21st-century efficiency and, frankly, a little glitz. When you purchase new equipment, you want to get every bit of performance out of the equipment and its operation to boost production and improve your processes. But many of these have a complicated user interface that would be at home on the Starship Enterprise. If your employees aren’t property trained to operate your equipment, you could face underutilized systems, damaged equipment, or worse, injured employees.

Workers can only take full advantage of new and innovative technology when they know how to operate equipment professionally.

Until operators are fully on board, competent, and confident in their abilities, equipment won’t be functioning to its fullest potential. And you won’t see the production results you’d expected. Be sure to seek out all manufacturer-provided training for your people for the new equipment. And don’t forget to ask for training updates.

Under-trained employees can damage equipment or ruin materials, leaving you with high repair costs, possible production shutdown, and inventory losses. Develop a “new user training program” that teaches and transfers the original training knowledge to the newest employees. Well-trained employees will boost equipment performance, keep it running smoothly, and ramp up the entire plant’s production.

Employees who don’t know how to operate equipment properly can injure themselves or others.

One of your main responsibilities is to provide a safe workplace, and adequate training is an essential component of that. Bring your health and safety management into the process before you put new equipment on-line.

Training takes time, and time, as they say, is money. Think of it as an investment in your employees and your business.

Skilled and proficient employees are your best resource.

You don’t have anything to lose by taking the time to train your staff, but a lot to lose if you don’t. Some of those training costs might be included in your purchase price…don’t be afraid to negotiate for it.

At Environmental Remedies, we use technologically advanced equipment and systems every day. And we know we can’t maximize their effectiveness unless the people using them know exactly what they’re doing. We invested financial resources in top-notch equipment; it only makes sense to invest the time and resources to train people how to get the most out of it. We make sure we know how to safely and efficiently use our equipment by working with the manufacturers to get every bit of benefit of the new purchase and all manufacturer-provided training assistance.

Environmental Remedies wants to be your go-to company for clean. To learn how we can help you increase safety and boost productivity at your plant, give us a call at 800-399-2783 or visit our website at

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