Well-Maintained Stormwater Systems Protect the Environment and Your Property

Water. At its best, water is one of our most precious natural resources, growing our crops, getting us clean, keeping us all alive. At its worst, it’s a destructive force, damaging foundations, rising as floodwaters, making us sick when it’s polluted. And effective stormwater management plays a role in both of the best and the worst of water.

To work effectively, drain systems need to be cleaned as part of a routine maintenance program. Why?

1.  Storm drain systems are designed to transport, collect, and then drain excess precipitation and groundwater (AKA, runoff) from paved areas, sidewalks, roofs, and construction sites. With most systems, runoff then runs through the system is various ways, depending on the system, and drains into rivers or streams, most of it untreated.

2.  Trash, and organic debris (think leaves, soil, and grit) build up in storm drains, lines, surface and catch basins, and underground storage tanks, like retention vaults. Clogged systems lead to backups and overflows, causing floods, pollution, erosion, and damage to your property and facility’s structure.

3. Industrial pollutants such as oil, coolants, and drips and spills, possibly unreported, contain compounds damaging to the environment, conveyance systems, and even treatment plants downstream, not to mention the people and workers who come in contact with those contaminants.

Essentially, then, proper maintenance of your storm drains and systems protects your local fresh water supply, prevents stormwater from damaging your property, protects municipal systems, and ensures the safety of others. And those are very good reasons for keeping your stormwater management system in excellent shape.

Beyond best management practices on your end, state or federal agencies often regulate nonpoint source stormwater discharges and require permitting. States frequently regulate stormwater discharges from construction, industrial, municipal, and transportation activities. The Georgia EPD offers a great source of information for rules and permitting on stormwater. For federal information, go to the EPA’s stormwater program website.

At Environmental Remedies, our highly qualified technicians are ready with top of the line commercial equipment, training, experience, and expertise to maintain your stormwater system. Whether you have a storm drain emergency or just need a routine cleaning, call us at 800-399-2783. Environmental Remedies is the Southeast’s go-to company for clean in the Southeast.