Dirty Plant? Cutting Corners Can Cost You


It’s the new year. January is a great time to make plans for a fresh start. As you make your plans for 2017, take some time to look around your facility. How clean is it? Maybe it could use a fresh start, too. And before you dismiss the idea, consider this: a dirty plant will cost you in the long run, even in ways you’ve never thought about.

Maybe you’re ambivalent about investing in proper, professional industrial cleaning. If so, take a look at these issues that could bite you:

Employee Safety: Dirty plants are dangerous plants. Dust, spills, and debris make floors, machinery, and climbing areas hazardous for your people. If someone is injured due to unsafe conditions, your insurance may deem you negligent and not cover your expenses. And lawsuits are not only financially pricey, they cost your reputation and good name. Most importantly, though, your employees are your most valuable asset. Give them a clean, safe working environment.

Inefficiency: Dirty plants are inefficient plants. When equipment is grimy, it doesn’t operate well. In fact, dirt, dust, built-up lubricants, and the like may actually cause machinery to fail, leaving you with decreased production and a pile of repair bills. Plus, when you don’t take good care of your machinery, you’re drastically shortening its life. Are you willing to spend thousands to replace costly equipment sooner than you should have to just because you didn’t properly maintain it?

Regulatory Violations: Inspectors take seriously their agency’s rules for compliance with good manufacturing practices, and unsanitary facilities don’t impress them. Dirty surroundings, deficient equipment, and unsafe conditions lead to warning, citations, and fines. Noncompliance can even lead to an operation shutdown, causing huge revenue losses and plant turnaround expenses.

Clearly, a dirty facility comes with a high price tag, much higher in the long run than investing in professional industrial cleaning for your facility and equipment. Environmental Remedies has the experience and expertise to handle your industrial cleaning needs. We provide highly-qualified personnel, top of the line commercial equipment, including our own fleet of vacuum trucks, and proficiency with the latest regulations.

Ready to get your facility in first-class shape to start the new year off right? Give us a call at 800-399-2783 to find out how we can help you. Environmental Remedies is your go-to company for clean.